What is the Process?

The life of a tax credit.  The process begins with selecting an eligible new hire and ends with delivery of a certified and calculated tax credit.  The software manages and provides real-time visibility at every step.

Large employers have taken advantage of the government’s program for years.  MilitaryTaxCredits.com has simplified and integrated the steps with RecruitMilitary.com making tax credit capture available to any size company.  We facilitate screening and through our technology, track certifications, manage calculation and deliver robust reports to use in tax application.

Simple.  Intuitive.  And built for the future.  Our solution is Cloud.  One code base.  Open an account and take advantage of tax credits immediately.  No need to call the call center.  No sales person.  No need for an implementation team.  No paper.  No emailed or paper invoices.  No fax machine.  No, no, no.  MilitaryTaxCredits.com is 100% on-line, real-time.  At your finger tips.